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Protect your business,

know your partners.

Our real time platform continuously monitors your third party risk.

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About Us

Cinnte solutions is a ground-breaking risk management platform providing financial institutions a holistic understanding of real-time partner risk in the connected API economy.  We are the first solution provider to effectively combine event-driven financial crime modelling with the world of cyber, conduct and dark-web risk.

Know Your Partner 
TM screening and continuous risk scoring provides comprehensive metrics around partner risks, combining industry leading data sources with over eighty years combined digital identity and financial risk experience in our founding team.


Cloud Native API Platform

Driving actionable intelligence from exclusive data 



Screen Third Party Providers against

consolidated global data and automate vendor risk management.


Continuously monitor your accounts 

payables against global data to reveal suspicious activity.

Supply chain Management

Manage supply chain 

risks of your providers

in real time to highlight

changes in their

circumstances may 

effect your ability to do business.

Merchant Monitoring

Carry out ongoing monitoring of your merchants on your payments platform for early warning signals.

Connecting Dots

Frictionless integration.

Actionable intelligence.

Easily integrate our consortium risk data with your existing workflows using our industry leading APIs

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Continuous Monitoring

Cinnte provides your business with real time insights, an adaptive risk rule set and exclusive external data to mitigate partner risk after the on-boarding stage.

Our insights platform provides you and your team with real world data to make informed decisions.

During on-boarding we have developed a choice between a large selection risk and credit queues to immediately provide the extra layer of automated protection to continuously monitor your partner risk 

Once we have sufficient training data, we then build state of the art machine learning models based solely on your company's partner portfolio.

Manage Partner Risk 

Digital transformation is driving the pace of business connectivity and lowering the barriers to market entry.  Events such as the Wirecard scandal and the ransomware attack on Apple's Quanta Computing partner have shown us that Companies need the maximum possible risk insight into partners, customers and suppliers, even when they have an established market presence.

Companies capture ‘snapshot’ risk during the onboarding process for each relationship they enter, but what happens next? How do they keep the risk profile relevant and refreshed?

Cinnte solutions provides continuous monitoring to predict and capture changes in the partner and ecosystem risk that that threaten your business.

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Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 13.28.21.png
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