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Merchant Monitoring

Protect your business, know your partner

Critical business risk indicators

Moduler data engine

Flexible API

Stay ahead with Continuous Merchant Monitoring

Utilise a comprehensive ruleset that automatically monitors your partners external data based on known suspicious alerts or on critical changes to business circumstance – combining known internal data and comparing that with the latest information on that merchant. Run holistic reports in real time to discover behaviour changes.


Review activity and clear alerts within the easy-to-use interface or via seamless API integration.

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Manage the risk of your portfolio

Only by gaining a holistic view of merchants behaviour, can you make more informed, faster decisions. Explore their external data and gain clearer insight into the risk patterns of your riskier partners and set controls.

Reduce the amount of alerts your team has to review and leverage historical activity to spot patterns before they turn into risk.

Early warning of critical company changes

When processing payments for a merchant, acquirers must protect themselves against ever changing business circumstances by receiving information from external sources and combining them with internal information to make informed risk decision. Cinnte solutions ensure acquirers are aware of any changes in the status of directors, warnings of insolvency or adverse media alerts or spikes in activity so the processor can take action and stop the transactions in real time.

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