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Supply chain
risk management 

Protect your business, know your partner.

Business at

Real time alerts of partnered accounts

Market risks

Secure your Supply Chain

Maintain the integrity of your Just-In-Time supply chain by monitoring dark-web activity and performing continuous Enhanced Due Diligence.


Traditional solutions use point-in-time snapshots of risk. We continuously monitor you partners, their credit-risk, their adverse media, their credit profile and their dark web footprint.

Stock Exchange

Make the headlines for the right reasons

Its estimated that by 2025 over one trillion dollars will be paid to fraudsters taking part in ransomware attacks. Some recent examples are Solarwinds, Maersk, Aramco,  Colonial Pipeline, Sony, Apple.  

Cinnte can identify malicious and non-malicious threats rapidly and plan the appropriate mitigation as your company details have been exposed on the DarkWeb, giving your business an alert and time to take appropriate steps.

Supply Chain risks

When running your day to day business its extremely difficult to manage the risks of your supply chain. Early warning alerts of critical partner failures should always be apart of your business contingency planning. Cinnte automate many of the external partner risks in an easy to use platform.

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