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Invoice Scoring

Protect your business, know your partner.

Real-Time Invoice scoring

Protect your outgoing payments


Stay ahead with real-time monitoring

Integrate with our platform and within minutes receive alerts in real time to shed light on the "off invoice risks".  Your business will be able to stop high-risk transactions as they occur due to being aware of changes in company status or exposed company information on the DarkWeb.


Review activity and clear alerts within the easy-to-use interface or via seamless API integration.

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Win the fight against invoice fraud

Cinnte provide an early warning user interface and alerts that keeps your business updated with your partner risks, director insolvency status, or breaches in customer information that may be a threat to your business.

Early warning signals

Off invoice risk is a key consideration when making payments to your partners. Billions are lost each year to fraud in this sector. By providing external data to your decision making your business can manage business contingency planning knowing that your suppliers are being continually monitored.

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